23 February 2010

Tragedy (mine) and a giveaway (not mine)

Okay so perhaps it's silly to call a computer crash a 'tragedy'. But mine crashed. Both of them actually. That is the reason I haven't posted lately. I'm trying to recover everything from the old hard drive that contained my herb write ups and stuff. Le sigh.

But for happier things, I found a wonderful giveaway. My husband and son love braunsweiger and I can only ever find the garbage from the supermarket to give them occasionally as a treat. Kelly the Kitchen Kop has a giveaway for all sorts of meats and cheeses that are naturally raised and grass fed where applicable. I hope I win, but I can be nice and hope other people win, too. I'll be happy if it's someone I know!

Go here to enter for yourself.

Mrs. Yoder