14 April 2010

Base/carrier oils

Hi there. I recently saw a request for a list of base oils with properties and I remembered that I had this old chart I typed up for a class I was giving on personal care products. It isn't all-inclusive, but it is a start. I've been meaning to expand it for a while to include some other oils but never got around to it. Perhaps I'll find the time to update it soon or make a 2nd page. Enjoy and let me know of any suggestions anyone here may have!

Mrs. Yoder

02 April 2010

Easter dress!

Okay, so this is definitely not about herbs. But I have been bursting with pride over my daughter and had to share. I have waited for her to be old enough for proper Easter dresses for ages, and I always wanted a daughter to see go to church in her little bonnet and gloves. I know! It sounds horrible. But it's my thing. I love little girls in modest, feminine attire that is just a bit old-fashioned. I'll take more pictures on Easter morning when she's completely attired with tights and shoes. But here she is: